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Content Creator / Digital Marketer

I was born and grew up in South Korea. I'v liked Japanese culture, so I studied Japanese by myself and moved to Japan at 19 old. I lived in Japan about 14 years, and moved to the U.S. 2022.

I studied in Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. My major is Business & Marketing Communication. After graduating, I used to working at Accenture Japan by Business Process Consultant for 5 years. I moved to Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. as a PdM/UX director for Zexy(The most powerful wedding media in Japan). I used to do planning/designing/marketing for Zexy apps and websites.

I also have made second career as an Travel Influencer, Photographer, and Writer. I have a lot of experience as Influencer. I worked with travel agencies, camera makers, hotels, and national tourism organizations. I'm also working for clients as social media marketing consultant.

Now, I'm full-time Content Creator after moving the U.S.

In 2022, Me and my husband traveld all over the Japan while remote working.

I'm writing my first book.

It's a Travel essay, and I introduce Japanese hidden gems.

Let's collaborate with me!

My strength is 'Influencer with rich marketing experience'.

I'll take fabulous pictures and make exciting videos.

I can help you to increase your customers.


​Traveling Japanese-Korean couple with Baby

We are an international family of three: Hyun, who was born and raised in Korea, Gen, who was born and raised in Japan, and Kai, who was born in the United States and is half Japanese and Korean.

We are a traveler couple who traveled to 17 cities in 10 countries on their honeymoon eight times after marriage, and we had traveling all over Japan for a year while remote working.

After moving to the United States, we started traveling with my baby Kai when he was 2 months old.

We share our family traveling stories on social media.

We like to hike with baby, and also we try to hike in US National Parks with baby.

You can get great tips for road trip with baby on my social media.

Our goal is going to every US National Park within 3 years. After that we are planing to travel all over the world with Kai.

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