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​Marketing support

​ "I can't increase my followers" "I can't use new functions" "I can't attract customers" Professional influencer with 10 years of digital marketing experience and 15,000 followers Marketers will suggest the best way to use Instagram.

​Recommended for:

・ I want to use Instagram for business (branding / attracting customers)

・I want to increase my followers

・I want the current issues to be objectively analyzed from the perspective of a third party.

・I want to know how to create effective posts and content

・I want to know how to view and analyze Instagram insights

​・I want to master the latest trends and functions

Contents of consultation and support

*Currently, we do not provide an operation agency service.

customer's voice

​Travel agency F

<Planning and operation support (long term)>

We asked you to sort out the current issues, formulate a new strategy, and act as an operation agent. Previously, the person in charge was doing it on a side note, and there was no know-how in the company, so it was very helpful.

Thank you very much for your generous support, including analysis of results and issues in the monthly report, proposal of various measures, and implementation support.

I was able to reach about 300 people per post, but now I reach 100,000 people a month, so I'm glad I asked!

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